Lamentarium are a Finnish band founded about ten years ago but that, in fact, between lineup changes and stylistic adjustments, it’s as if with the ep Menneisyydeltä et Pakoon Pääse they were on their actual recording debut, although technically this happened in 2016 with another ep, The Past Defines Us. The band from Joensuu doesn’t try to sell their music as innovative and dutifully cites past and present Finnish realities such as Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Insomnium, Sentenced, Swallow the Sun and Kaunis Kuolematon as sources of inspiration; despite this, the assembly work is done in an inspired manner without relinquishing a sufficiently personal sound. The melodic black doom of Lamentarium flows with great fluidity along a little less than twenty minutes in which, through lyrics sung in the mother tongue, they go to touch challenging issues such as bullying, their own legacy after death and euthanasia, the latter topic treated in the final song Armahdus, a splendid manifest of the band’s ability to offer a convincing and engaging sound. To carve out a space, even only in the country, is not easy given the crowded competition, but Lamentarium seem to have taken the right path to succeed.

2022 – Independent