Denali – Denali

Denali are a new death doom band born thanks to the initiative of the English guitarist James McGrenery, who called other musicians from the Herfordhsire area to complete the line-up. The first tangible fruit is the self-titled ep in which Denali offer a little less than half an hour of music enclosed in three tracks rather convincing, as in the sound are conveyed in the inevitable influence of the seminal British bands of the early nineties and the particular melodic taste of the U.S. Daylight Dies, in my opinion the closest term of comparison, although at the level of inspiration are cited other realities such as Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Swallow the Sun and October Tide. Beyond the game of the possible similarities, useful however to provide a basic idea to the possible listener, what remains in the ears after listening to the album is the pleasant feeling of being in the presence of a band with clear ideas and eager to interpret the subgenre in a traditional and balanced way, thanks to a perfect dosage between the various components of the sound. Robust, melodic and involving, the debut step of Denali is yet another pleasant surprise of these first months of 2022.

2022 – Independent