Whitehorse – Death Weight

The weight of death: the Australians Whitehorse do not do anything to alleviate of a single ounce this burden indeed, if possible, increase the unbearable load. Death Weight is the fourth full length for the band from Melbourne, which has behind a career that began in the early years of the century also dotted with numerous minor releases, such as live and split albums. Whitehorse, led by the two founding members remained, guitarist Brent Stegeman and vocalist Peter Hyde, offer a sludge doom merciless, in which for an hour listeners are nailed to their personal cross with the blows inflicted by a granitic riffing, on which stands the voice of the singer that’s revealed malevolent as its literary namesake, created by the pen of Stevenson. Mercy and melody are banned from the vocabulary of Whitehorse, so that listening to Death Weight has almost an expiatory character, revealing itself a sort of musical version of the cilice, aimed at inflicting a psychic pain instead of physical. A monstrous record, to be listened preferably if you are in possession of the right mood and antibodies.

2022 – Tartarus Records