Hellige – Camino de Agua

As far as we know, Hellige should be a solo project of Gabriel Luque even if on bandcamp they present themselves as a duo; however, after a series of demos released between the two past decades, Camino de Agua represents at the same time the return after a long silence and the debut on long distance. The style proposed by Hellige is a sludge funeral that sometimes is shaken by accelerations of black matrix; if at the executive level perhaps not everything is perfectly in focus, in this album there are more ideas than can be found in entire discographies. The long opening track Las urnas bas√°lticas is an ideal emblem of a proposal in which unexpected melodic leaps wedge between a robust riffing. Camino de Agua is a work from the changing pace and quite rich, worthy of attention to the net of some redundancy too much, in fact, the sound winds restless, sometimes dramatic and slowed down, or airy if not oppressive, on the contrary, coming to touch the depressive black metal. As said, the variety of solutions is the element on which to focus in assessing the work of Hellige, from which it derives a largely positive judgment.

2021 РIndeèpendent 2022 -Dying Sun records