Gvorn – Keeper Of Grief

It ‘s very interesting this debut of the Russian Gvorn, dedicated to a death doom very well balanced between its various components. In particular, what strikes favorably is the tendency to keep the sound quite slow, often bringing it to the borders of funeral doom, giving it equally a good usability thanks to an evocative and melodic sound without distorting the extreme matrix of the subgenre. Five tracks of an average length of around ten minutes (even if the final title track is a slightly shorter instrumental) unwind in a fluid way, finding an ideal peak in the central song Sea Of Trees, where the band from Yekaterinburg shows to have a really surprising compositional taste for a reality unknown until now. Keeper Of Grief is a deep and convincing album from the first to the last note, and it represents something that we haven’t heard for a long time among the many releases gravitating in the doom field coming from that land; much credit for this also goes to Alexsey Koryolov’s Satanath Records, which despite the well-known events that caused the shift of the operating base to Georgia, tenaciously continues to offer underground realities of a certain quality.

2022 – Satanath Records / Kuyen Producciones