If I were asked to name a new name that has left an important mark in the first years of this decade, I would have no doubt in making that of Sergio Gonzalez Catalan, author with his solo project Rise To The Sky of a series of magnificent albums impressing especially for the constant raising of the bar of quality at each release. However, it might surprise only those who do not yet know this excellent Chilean musician the value of an album like this latest Every Day, a Funeral, fifth full length in just under three years of activity. Do not mislead this datum that, in most cases, is to indicate a prolificacy that goes hand in hand with a sterile compositional redundancy: belonging to a small club that includes Déhà and very few others, Gonzalez Catalan manages to combine quantity and quality revealing himself a sort of blessing from heaven for those who love these sounds. On the other hand, Sergio has a great merit, that of filling the void created by the prolonged silence of bands like Saturnus, When Nothing Remains and Doom:VS, returning the magic of a melodic and poignant death doom that feeds the soul rather than lacerating it, even if Every Day, a Funeral, compared to the previous Per Aspera Ad Astra, in which the melodic potential was perceivable in a more immediate way, appears more harsh and introspective, with its shades oriented to the subgenre included in the title. In fact, if in the previous work the inspiration of the musician of Santiago found its sublimation in a song marked by an exciting guitar work as End My Night, in Every Day, a Funeral the song symbol can be identified in It’s the End, authentic envelope of a painful abandonment, a feeling that pervades every note of the album. Of pure melancholy is instead soaked Just Say Goodbye, partially breaking that cloak of darkness that pervades the other tracks, starting from the initial title track to go through Abandoned, Sadness Cries in the Silent Sky and I Can See You When I Dream, before the farewell, with the recited in mother tongue on acoustic base of Epilogue. We must also congratulate the emerging Belgian label Meuse Music Records for having acquiring in its roster one of the most crystalline talents of the current death doom scene worldwide: Every Day, a Funeral is another key dowel of a growth that seems unstoppable.

2022 – Meuse Music Records