Primitive Man – Insurmountable

Almost in every genre of metal, especially the extreme ones, there are those who push their own instances to the points where the line between sonic savagery and unlistenability becomes terribly thin; the risk of falling on the wrong side is real and often it is the fans of the sector themselves who are the first to shy away from certain forms of sonic extremism. To this category of bands, in the sludge doom sphere, belong by right Primitive Man, proven interpreters of the subgenre in its most noisy forms but that, despite everything, have continued for years to enjoy a certain success with both the public and critics; Insurmountable is the programmatic title of this ep, which comes after four full lengths and a conspicuous number of split albums, singles and demos released since 2013, in which obviously the sonic coordinates do not change one iota proposing exactly what we would have expected. More Neanderthals than Cro-Magnons, Primitive Man for a moment try to mislead us in the closing of with the cover of Quiet by Smashing Pumpkins, brutalized properly (don’t try to compare it with the original, the only perceptible thing in common at most may be the lyrics) and confirming that in their musical cavern there is no room whatsoever for more sweetened forms: a consistency that has paid off so far, and it is hard to see why it should not continue to do so in the future.

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