When Colors Are Fading is the name of the solo project of Matthieu Sachs, a musician who should need no introduction for how much quality works he has already put out, in union with Carline Van Roos, first with Remembrance and then with Lethian Dreams. Doing everything on his own in this case (although Carline contributes factually to the work by playing bass and taking care of mixing and and mastering), Matthiueu lands on a form of ambient with delicate and dreamy traits, often bordering on shoegaze, and this is not surprising considering the refinement of the sounds proposed with Lethian Dreams. Past Summers Notes right from the cover heralds sounds steeped in melancholic yearning for a past that, for better or for worse, is something that each of us is forced to archive not without regrets; in just under half an hour Sachs offers seven splendid author’s brushstrokes dominated by a liquid guitar touch, often resting on a suffused and never intrusive keyboard-driven carpet, and sometimes alternating with precious piano punctuations. The contiguity with the recent and more ethereal Lethian Dreams’ albums is perceptible for a common compositional sensibility, but Sachs’ work under the aegis When Colors Are Fading lives by its own light, deserving the attention and appreciation of those who wish to be lulled by crystalline and embracing ambient music.

2022 – Orcynia Productions