Poisoned Dream – All Dreams Are Poisoned

In a rather surprising way emerge Poisoned Dream, a trio from Ankara able to offer a melodic death doom of good quality and full of engaging passages with a high emotional rate. All Dreams Are Posoned is a really fine album, capable of growing with listening and which finds as an ideal term of comparison the work of Sergio Gonzalez Catalan with his Rise To The Sky, particularly for what is expressed in Per Aspera Ad Astra rather than in the more somber and recent Every Day, a Funeral. The talented Baran Şimşek (Vocals, Guitars), Ali Mutlu (bass) and Göktayhan Çeçen (Keyboards) do not reach the above-average levels touched by their Chilean colleague but neither do they go too far, thanks to the remarkable balance between melody and roughness that over the course of the album’s forty-minute duration end up with the former of the two components prevailing; Şimşek’s intense guitar touch (a most exhaustive example can be found by listening to the magnificent Everything is Ruined Pt. 1) appears decisive in the development of a work that has only one flaw, that of probably remaining confined in an undeserved oblivion, both because of the absence of the fundamental promotional work of a label, and because the band itself, renouncing the creation of a Facebook page, renders very difficult the chances of being discovered by fans in search of stimulating novelties in the death doom sphere. Let’s hope that these Anatolian guys will fill this gap as soon as possible, also because, let’s face it, up to now it is not that Turkey has produced top-notch realities in this stylistic field and Poisoned Dream seem to have all the credentials to remedy this lack.

2022 – Independent