Speaking of debuts of a certain depth, this time it’s the moment of People Of The Black Circle, a band fascinated by Lovectraftian horror literature, as well as fantasy with Howard as a point of reference, so much so that they drew their moniker from one of his novels. It thus happens that the doom of these Athenian guys retains a somber aura and, at the same time, ripped open by melodic openings with a psychedelic hint, delineated in this sense also by a clean vocal interpretation (sometimes filtered) with pinkfloydian hints that allows with greater ease the fruition of the interesting lyrics. The sound, while initially attributed to the extreme side of doom is in fact never overly rough or robust, being focused more on the evocation of insinuating atmospheres that, at certain moments (particularly in Cimmeria) seem an actualization of the sound of an old master of this mixture of gothic and psychedelia like Paul Roland. The same use of the Hammond lends a vintage and certainly peculiar aura to the work of the Hellenic band, which proves capable of keeping the listener gripped for more than half an hour with five nuanced songs, never trivial but also of not too complex fruition and very fluid in their pacing. All this makes the work of People Of The Black Circle appealing to a rather wide range of listeners, being potentially able to appeal to fans of classic doom as well as those more inclined to gothic as well as psychedelic stoner.

2022 – Red Truth Productions