Drift Into Black are a band that has been active for a few years now, led by a rather experienced musician like Craig Rossi; despite a still relatively short history, Earthtorn is already the fourth full length that reveals a varied but well-established style, in which gothic, heavy metal and some death doom elements are blended with good ease, especially due to Rossi’s use of growl alternating with clean vocals. The album in question is a concept with rather interesting content, telling of an extraterrestrial sent on a mission to observe the behavior of Earthlings and see if any benefits can be derived for his alien race; the plan does not materialize as the protagonist, who has taken on human guise, falls in love with a woman sharing her illness and slow withering to death, and this prompts him to leave Earth to communicate that there are no useful resources to exploit, as it is a planet destined for slow and ineluctable degradation. Beyond the allegorical meanings (but not too much either, come to think of it), the sound shows the natural fluctuations resulting from the different phases of the tale, becoming gradually more intense and poignant in the second half, starting in particular with a more quiet song like The Ups and the Downs. It is precisely these variations and the richness of nuances that make Earthtorn a strongly recommended work, representing a decidedly satisfying and at the same time rather smooth listening experience, and for this due credit must be given to Craig Rossi and his Drift Into Black.

2022 – Black Lion Records