Echoes of Decay – Delirium of Madness

After a good debut full length (2019’s Dive into Darkness), the Greeks Echoes of Decay try to take another leap forward with a work of shorter duration but encompassing atmospheric death doom of great depth. Listening to Delirium of Madness what strikes one is the fluidity of a sound that flows beautifully without resorting to corny solutions and, to achieve this, the band from Thessaloniki does not look to northern Europe or the Iberian peninsula or even to the same country of origin, where several important realities lurk, but rather they turn their gaze overseas, recalling in certain passages one of the greatest and most underrated bands in the subgenre as were Daylight Dies (I speak of them in the past tense because the years of silence are now too many to hope for a comeback, realistically). It so happens that the four tracks are imbued with a melancholy sense of abandonment that is sublimated more in the dramatic explosions than in its mostly rarefied phases. Lunacy’s Crescendo, Circles in Reverse, Isolation and Out of Body Experience are songs devoid of smears or weaknesses, thanks to an intensity always put before form, with a constant display of the more emotional side of death doom. Echoes of Decay are one of too many bands in danger of being crushed by the overabundance of releases despite their above-average quality; never more so than at this time, a label and proper promotional support are what they need to make Delirium of Madness reach the ears of the laziest fans.

2022 – Independent