Although death doom in Finland is not a niche subgenre as it is in most of the world, it is not at all easy for emerging bands to carve out a proper space for themselves because of the qualitative and quantitative internal competition. An album like Abhorrence and Agony, for this very reason, does not seem to me to have gotten the attention it deserves, perhaps also because Tahdoton are in fact on their long-distance debut and the two musicians who are part of it, Liekkiö (all instruments) and Eloton (vocals) are not among the best known names in the specific scene. It’s a pity, because this debut work of the Pori duo is really a great record, melodic, gritty and rhythmic the taste, in short without a comma out of place and appearing at times even quite researched. Tahdoton‘s death doom also possesses some black veins, normal considering Liekkiö’s past experiences, but at the same time exhibits recourse to somewhat classic guitar work. Regarding possible sources of inspiration, in addition to the top Finnish names for which one is spoiled for choice, one imbecile comes from the last track Pimeä Yö, a cover of the never quite appreciated Catamenia, a band I personally adored during the Winternight Tragedies / Location: Cold period. But beyond the quotes and references, Abhorrence and Agony is an excellent album in terms of effectiveness and usability, coming across as surprisingly fresh despite the fact that Liekkiö and Eloton are moving in an area where there is nothing left to invent. A series of enthralling and engaging songs, most notably I Fade and Turmeltunut Sielu, released as singles in 2020, make the album’s scant forty minutes an enjoyable and rewarding listen: enough to prompt discerning fans to put Tahdoton on their radar as well.

2022 – Independent