Spectrum Mortis – Bit Meseri -The Incantation

Spectrum Mortis arrive at their first full length after having signaled themselves in the second half of the last decade with two valid ep as Blasphemare Nomen Eius and קדוש (Kadosh), evidence already indicative of their potential. The Spanish band engages in the best possible way with a black death doom with occult themes that are rendered in a rather credible manner and far from the caricatured outcomes that, often, happen to listen to when certain topics are touched upon. In a little less than forty minutes the mysterious Sheram, Aath, Aataa and Ta’ao pour over the listener a violent and mephitic mixture that contains, however, also valuable melodic glimpses, admirable examples of which can be heard in the two devastating central songs, Bit Meseri and Uanna; while maintaining a pronounced black metal disposition, the sound of the Madrid-based band has today landed in a form very often adherent to the most granitic death doom, becoming more interesting and engaging than average precisely because of a heaviness that never becomes sterilely monolithic. Obviously, Bit Meseri – The Incantation is by no means an easy-listening album, but the skill of Spectrum Mortis lies precisely in its ability to capture the attention thanks to fluid changes of rhythm that range from furious pacing to valuable slowdowns, with everything in between, including acoustic inserts of an oriental matrix in deference to the lyrical references to Sumerian ritualism; we are in the presence of a band of considerable depth that probably has not, until now, obtained the feedback it would have deserved: this latest work seems to have all the pieces placed in the right place for the visibility to be congruous with the value of the offering.

2022 – Listenable Records / In Pulverem Mortis Productions