Six years after their debut full length Schaderian return with a second effort of some interest. The Polish band’s sound is nourished by several nuances among which, on an identifiable doom base, progressive, gothic and death metal impulses intersect for a result that draws its strengths and, at the same time, its few flaws from such variety; even if compared to the previous Path the style appears more compact anyway, the frequent changes of course shown also in this new Morphosis can be disorienting for less patient listeners in the long run. It is enough to listen to the first two songs to prove what has just been stated: if Fulfillment is a song with a pleasant melodic feel, sung mostly in clean by Marcin Szewczyk, the subsequent Harmony moves to shores close to melodic death, again with excellent results. If Horizon leans toward gothic doom, Awareness is the epitome of Schaderian‘s offerings, being a song that changes moods and tones constantly; Storyteller is a fine episode of melodic death doom that gives in the finale unexpected keyboard evolutions, while Artificial does not deviate much from it, including the crescendo ending. Who composes the music for the Cracow-based band is Michał Skupień, also a member of the remarkable Postmortal, authors in 2018 of a magnificent ep as Soil; it is nice to find a good musician again grappling with a project that still needs some refinement but is already deserving of the utmost attention.

2022 – Lynx Music