Увод… is the debut album by Тишина, solo project of Serbian musician Branislav Panić (although now living in Canada), known in the underground scene for being the driving force and founder of Bane, one of the most interesting and long-lived extreme bands to have emerged in the territories corresponding to the former Yugoslavia. Compared to the black death of that band, Panić this time explores the more melancholic side of metal, namely death doom in a rather melodic and equally well-executed form; in fact, the work proves to be effective in every part and, along the four main tracks (the middle one is a short instrumental interlude) Branislav demonstrates that he has learnt the lesson of the bands that he himself cites as sources of inspiration (Saturnus, October Tide, Mourning Beloveth and Doom: VS) without taking one in particular as a point of reference. In fact, while listening to the album, I found, if anything, a certain closeness to a lesser-known name in the scene such as Doomed, compared to which, however, one can detect a greater airiness and, as mentioned, a distinct melodic vein. The growl vocals cancel out any possible difficulties in understanding the lyrics in the mother tongue, while the guitar work, although without any particular virtuosity, proves to be quite effective in involving the listener throughout this half-hour of essential music devoid of any interlocutory moments, which reaches its peak precisely with the concluding song Заувек; also and above all for this reason, Branislav Panić and his Тишина are rightfully added to the already long list of pleasant realities that have emerged in this first half of 2022.

2022 – Hypnotic Dirge Records / Satanath Records / The End Of Time Records