My Andromeda – Paper Sails

After a first appearance with a single in 2018, the Russian duo My Andromeda makes its long-distance debut with Paper Sails; Victor (all instruments) and Sergey (vocals) offer a rather effective sound, in line with the dictates of Eastern European melodic death doom and the juicy addition of appropriate post-metal nuances, which allow the sound to become more rarefied at times and then open up to beautiful guitar forays of a soloist matrix. Little is known about the two members of the band, but the sensation that comes from listening to the album is that of being in the presence of musicians with good competence and experience in the field; in fact, Paper Sails is really an impeccable work in every aspect, and if, perhaps, the classic song capable of emotionally annihilating the listener may be missing, it must be admitted that during the album’s scarce hour-long duration the tension is always kept on average high, also favoured by a fluency that is anything but predictable. Sysyphus of Eternity and the following title track are emblematic tracks of Victor’s ability to construct a credible sound, not without some unpredictable cues, such as the use of the sax at certain junctures. My Andromeda already prove to be a very good band on their first attempt, with an album like Paper Sails that has all the necessary characteristics to make inroads into those who appreciate melodic death doom.

2022 – Independent