Ornamentos del Miedo – Yo, no soy yo

Having definitively closed the valid artistic parable of Graveyard of Souls, Angel Chicote decides to give further numerical and qualitative consistency to the path begun a few years ago with the moniker Ornamentos del Miedo, under the banner of an atmospheric funeral doom of great value. What strikes one, listening to this latest Yo, no soy yo, is the constant progression demonstrated by the Burgos musician in the short period, where the goodness of full lengths such as the debut Este no es tu hogar and the subsequent Ecos, followed by the equally consistent ep Destierro, is sublimated by an album that, as usual, lasts over an hour without ever showing signs of failure or fatigue at the compositional level. Angel’s approach to funeral doom is free of frills or experimental temptations: the perfect combination of excellent solo guitar work and keyboards gives the sound a certain recognisability, and the constant melodic and emotional flow builds a monument of existential disenchantment. The apparent accessibility of the proposal should not deceive, because the bitter and melancholic substratum of the works of Ornamentos del Miedo is clearly perceptible in every passage, and if the airy gait of magnificent tracks such as Abismo interior and the title track maintain their usual melodic load, a dramatic impulse comes from a song such as Sombras de los dias venir, whose text is the only one not by Chicote, since it is a short poem by Alejandra Pizarnik, an Argentine poet who committed suicide at the age of 36, which well frames the sense of disquiet that hovers over the entire album (Morning / They’ll dress me in ashes at dawn / They’ll fill my mouth with flowers / I’ll learn to sleep / in the memory of a wall / in the breath of a dreaming animal). Angel Chicote is burning up time and this brilliant project, which started almost quietly, has already deservedly earned the respect and admiration of insiders and fans in a short time.

2022 – Nekromantra Records / Negre Plany / Vertebrae Records