Forgotten – Returnless

Turkey’s Forgotten started their activity in the last century but, despite such a long history, after a few demos they released their first full length (13 Martyrs) only in 2012 when founding member Tolga Otabatmaz took over the band’s destinies again. After another long-distance work in 2019 (Of Past and Passion), today it’s time for a third album, Returnless, which showcases a group of good compactness and capable of offering more than fifty minutes of a death doom with old school features but not without interesting melodic glimpses. Otabatmaz’s compositional work is also accompanied by an excellent vocal performance by Harun Altun, possessing an effective growl; the eight tracks (plus short instrumental intro) unfold concisely and pungently, without getting lost in too many preambles or digressions, but when a few departures from the high road become apparent (Until You Surrender), this is done without uncertainty and with an appreciable melodic gusto. Returnless will not go down in history as an epochal work, but it leaves itself to be listened to with great pleasure from the first to the last note, an outcome that is by no means a foregone conclusion.

2022 – Sleaszy Rider Records