First full legth for Thy Dying Star, Brazilian duo made up of musicians with a rather extreme background who, for the occasion, devote themselves to a melodic form of black death doom largely contaminated by post metal. The debut album entitled Ad Finem Omnia is a work in which a certain melodic inspiration emerges during listening, that creates an alienating but satisfying contrast with Daniel Sanchez’s harsh vocals. For his part, Bruno Bonfim weaves obscure, melancholic and non-trivial harmonies along five medium-length tracks that see their most convincing expression in the opening Spyral Path of Self Destruction, without the rest of the work ever falling below a satisfying level. There is objectively something to tweak in terms of recording and use of vocals, but the substance of an album like Ad Finem Omnia makes these minor flaws of form less penalising.

2022 – Independent