Annihilation Rite – World Below

Annihilation Rite‘s interesting first work finds its first motivation when one discovers the name of the man behind the project: he’s Eugen Kohl (here under the nickname Entweider), a German musician who has already made a name for himself thanks to the two excellent full lengths of his funeral doom incarnation Sinister Downfall (Eremozoic e A Dark Shining Light). With Annihilation Rite, the sound becomes even more obsessive and disturbing, thanks to the inclusion of a black death soul that makes the rhythms sometimes more sustained. Four tracks, all approaching the ten-minute mark, leave no room for melodic openings of any kind, with Kohl intent on declaiming obscure litanies; World Below reveals itself to be a credible and non-trivial evocation of evil, with passages that often border on a sort of obsessive ritualism, as in Damnation Crowns. The first release under the name Annihilation Rite is quite convincing, although it is recommended for those who are used to listening to extreme sounds.

2022 – Satanath Records