Abyssal, first album for Graveyard of Shadows, showcases an interesting new talent from the Brazilian metal scene. Vinicius Ulises Lima is a young musician who in this solo project tries his hand at a melodic and atmospheric death doom with appreciable results, although still to be refined in certain respects. In just over fifty minutes, Vinicius proves himself, first and foremost, to be a remarkable guitarist and, if you like, it is precisely the difference in intensity perceivable when the six-stringed instrument enters the scene compared to the other passages that is the only perplexing factor. In fact, Vinicius’ growl is not up to the level of his guitar skills, and this is also felt at times in the songs, which show a fluctuating quality. Clearly, the good melodic propensity in the solos recalls the main protagonist of Brazilian death doom, Fabio de Paula, and it is certainly not a bad thing that Vinicius refers to such a model at the compositional level, but it is equally clear that the sound needs to be given a more precise and defined direction. Having said that, Abyssal is a work full of valid cues and indicative of a sure talent that only needs to be better channelled; the ability to weave poignant melodies on the part of the paulista guy is manifested in every track, so the premises for the construction of something really important in the near future are all there.

2022 – Independent