The Finnish band Morbid Evils partially detach themselves from the habits of their compatriots as far as extreme doom is concerned, dedicating themselves to a merciless sludge that, also unlike the typically overseas sludge, appears much darker, rougher and close to death metal. Over the course of the four long tracks included in Supernaturals the sound unfolds leadenly, with very rare flashes of light to ephemerally brighten an almost total darkness. No concessions to clean vocals, acoustic inlays or anything beyond the intent to crush the listener under the weight of the sound offered by the band that, as of their second full length Deceases in 2017, is led by Keijo Niinimaa, the sole survivor of the line-up of the 2015 debut album In Hate with the Burning World. If the opening track Fearless is a virulent showdown, complete with death array accelerations, the subsequent Anxious is more orthodoxly doom, while the ferocity of Tormented non entirely excludes the use of compelling rhythms, albeit in a largely noisy and disturbed context. Closing the macabre dances is the title track, another episode that reinforces the obtunding weight of a very interesting work for those who appreciate the rawest and most sincere forms of sludge.

2022 – Transcending Obscurity Records