The Ukrainians Vin de Mia Trix, who have been in the spotlight for the last decade with their progressive death doom of great quality, are back, five years after their second and last full length Palimpsests. While it may be stunning that this is a new release by a band from a country undergoing a military offensive, the explanation lies in the purpose and manner in which this is done. In fact, the Waves~Stars ep consists of two tracks dating back to a period immediately following the release of Palimpsests, which the Kiev band has decided to make available to fans on its Bandcamp for charitable purposes, aimed at raising funds to support the volunteer work undertaken by drummer Igor Babayev during the war emergency. Apart from the noble motives, which in this case must be put before any other consideration, the two long tracks are objectively of considerable value from a purely musical point of view; while Waves proves to be an exemplary test of progressive and airy melodic death doom, Stars unfolds initially with a sorrowful procession and, despite the use of stentorian clean vocals, always retains a profoundly melancholic imprint. There are therefore many good reasons to support Vin de Mia Trix, hoping that their next appearance will be in a normal situation as soon as possible, which would be great news in every sense.

2022 – Independent