It always makes a certain impression to discover that there are musicians around who continue to express themselves with a stylistic integrity light years away from any veiled commercial hypothesis; specifically, we are talking about the Spanish Strangulation, a duo that has been active for a few years now and presents a full length containing a single self-titled track lasting over an hour, under the banner of a pitiless funeral drone doom. A work of this kind, in terms of its conformation and chosen style, is obviously dedicated to those few who are able to get involved without being overwhelmed by an approach that does not foresee any flare or the slightest melodic lingering. Strangulation keep faith with the moniker by depriving the listener of oxygen, who has the chance to come across passages contiguous to traditional funeral only in the central part of the monotrack, when the classic combination of a heavy, slowed-down riffing and a catacomb-like growl manifests itself for several minutes. For the rest, the work of the Iberian duo is characterised by a experimentation in which, however, drone and noise are not exhibited in a sterile manner, but acquire a solid form with the erection of an insurmountable and indestructible wall against which we insist on clashing without knowing that, on the other side, the same crude and despairing reality awaits us from which we try in vain to escape.

2022 – Dying Sun Records