Aki McCullough is a musician who has come to prominence in recent years with her presence in several interesting bands in the sludge sphere of influence, but it is likely to be her new project Necroplanet that will bring her to the attention of listeners more attentive to doom. Aki offers to the audience forty minutes of funeral doom with black veins, highlighted above all by a brutal scream, with the valuable help of guitarist and bassist Mike Snow to make this debut full length entitled Negative Space stand out. The sound is pachydermic, but not without a melodic substratum, at times well defined by a guitar touch not unlike that which characterises one of the best bands to have emerged in recent years in the subgenre, Ornamentos del Miedo. Necroplanet, however, possess a more stinging and experimental soul stemming from a different geographical and artistic background, but the result in terms of quality is absolutely comparable. As mentioned, McCullough’s scream characterises the progression of the work in no small way, but this vocal style is well suited to the expression of profound disgust expressed towards a social and existential reality whose degradation seems to be irremediable. The title track stands as the emblem of an album that is in its own way surprising, profound, intense and at the same time disturbing. Although Aki cannot be defined as a novice musician, this first release under the moniker Necroplanet stands as a possible epiphany of an uncommon talent, at least as far as extreme doom is concerned.

2022 – Independent