Even if it does not reach a quarter of an hour in total duration, the debut EP of the Colombian Caos Ov Doom deserves to be brought to the attention of listeners in search of new stimulating realities in the death doom sphere; Tardissime Mortem Fuga consists of two songs, the title track and Et Lux Perpetua, which highlight a solid, well-defined and above all incisive sound, thanks to a good balance between the most extreme component of the sound and the expressly doom-like slowdowns; both tracks move under the banner of a cadenced death doom, with a non-marginal melodic content favoured by a skilful use of keyboards and a rather varied and sharp guitar work, also in the solo phase, with the pitiless growl of leader and vocalist Mauricio Arcila ‘Klisgor’ to overpower all. Also due to the fact that Colombia is certainly not the most prolific of South American countries when it comes to doom, this first interesting demonstration of strength by Caos Ov Doom is truly appreciable, while waiting for the band from Medellin to confirm these good premises with a desirable future full length.

2022 – Independent