Endonomos is a death doom band formed by the Austrian musician Lukas Haidinger, whose best-known reference to date was being part of the line-up of notable German deathsters Profanity. The interpretation of the sub-genre immediately proves to be quite balanced, even if, contrary to expectations deriving from Haidinger’s background, the sound is more oriented towards the doom component, to which is attached an always valuable guitar work. Lukas’s growl is also convincing and this self-titled first album flows smoothly through its six tracks, without disdaining more elaborate passages always performed with good taste and appreciable technique (the third track Atropos is emblematic in this respect). In a little less than three quarters of an hour, Endonomos disengage themselves in the best possible way thanks to a sound that is granitic but rich in epic overtones and guitar textures with a notable melodic impact, as happens in the splendid Rejoice, the authentic fulcrum of the work. Reinforcing the impression of being in the presence of a band of great consistency there is also the support of the Italian label Argonauta Records, which rarely focuses on mediocre or excessively derivative bands. Another pleasant discovery for death doom lovers.

2022 – Argonauta Records