Five years after the release of Apotelesma’s only good work to date, Timewrought Kings, two members of that Dutch band, Yuri Theuns and Martijn Velberg, are back with a new funeral doom project called Angmodnes. The good knowledge of the death doom subject matter demonstrated at the time is easily transferred to the new creature, which is given more mournful and melodic features, for a result that truly lives up to expectations. The Weight Of Eternity is in fact a great work in which the duo from Utrecht does not skimp on poignant melodies, bringing the more enjoyable and emotional side of funeral closer: in the three long tracks all flows in the best possible way and even the sporadic use of clean vocals, which sometimes proves to be a dangerous crossroads, in the case of Angmodnes is done in a measured and appropriate way. The references that can be found are those of the best European melodic funeral to which ours add an interesting dark wave background that is evident from the choice to cover an iconic song such as The Figurehead by The Cure (the song is not part of the album but is available as a video on YouTube). The Weight Of Eternity is a welcome homage for fans of funeral also because, Faal aside, the Netherlands has offered very little so far in the history of the subgenre.

2022 – Black Lion Records