Lost In Darkness – Mors Invicta

After not having crossed paths with Colombian bands for a lifetime or so on my path as a scribbler of extreme doom, here I am, at close quarters, talking about another band from Medellin after Caos Ov Doom. Beyond the satisfaction of seeing an ever-expanding expansion of these sounds, this first test by Lost in Darkness, authors of a more atmospheric and melodic death doom than that exhibited by their fellow citizens, is also to be welcomed. In this case, too, we are in the presence of a short Ep composed of two tracks, the difference however being that the band in question has been active since 2006 and the particularity that the vocalist on the debut demo and the subsequent ep in 2020 was Mauricio Avila, now in the aforementioned Caos Ov Doom. Today, the South American band, led by the two founders Cristian Ortiz and Jonathan Garc├ęs Molina, offers a dozen minutes in total, the result of which is a display of good technical and compositional skills; if in the first track Atrum Omnium Est the scream of current vocalist Andreas Gil is combined with some black nuances in a very rich and lively context, in the next self-titled song Lost in Darkness identify Paradise Lost as their guiding star, achieving a decidedly good result in the alternation between clean-sung parts with a high evocative rate and outbursts in which the always brutal scream dominates the scene. Mors Invicta is a convincing test, probably propaedeutic to a next full length from which we only expect a step forward from the point of view of personality, because in the albeit valid second track the shadow of Halifax masters is a little too cumbersome.

2022 – Independent