Abyssal – A Deep Sea Funeral

Four years after their previous full length Misanthrope, not counting the re-release of the same album in 2020, the Mexicans Abyssal return with a new album that, like its predecessors, has the characteristic of being composed of a single long track. The band led by Fernando Ruiz has been active since the first decade of the century and is therefore the most important funeral doom outfit in the Central American nation: A Deep Sea Funeral is the sixth long-distance work and confirms all the good things that Abyssal have done in the past. The funeral offered by the band from Tijuana is not characterised by a great melodic component, but, as always, lives on the union between ambient and more traditionally rough passages, characterised by rather heavy riffs. Specifically, the track begins with about ten minutes of ambient based on rarefied guitar work, and then gets progressively heavier until its middle, offering a good example of what funeral doom in its most canonical and orthodox form can be, only to replicate the aforementioned alternation of atmospheres in the next twenty minutes. A Deep Sea Funeral is another significant album of the goodness of this band that, probably due to its belonging to a marginal scene compared to those in Europe or North America, has never received the acclaim it would have deserved, despite the quality of even its previous releases; the hope is that the new work will be able to make room to find appreciation and attention not only from fans more focused on the sub-genre.

2022 – Concreto Records / Transylvanian Recordings