Eternally Scarred – Echoes from Beneath

In an Armenian metal scene not exactly packed with protagonists, it is a pleasure to find a musician like Artak Karapetyan, who performs with good results both through his pagan black metal band Ildaruni and as a soloist with this death doom project of his called Eternally Scarred. Echoes from Beneath is the second full length for Karapetyan with this moniker and comes five years after the previous …of Wisdom; the album unravels without forcing the sub-genre, offering it in its most direct form and in my opinion in a very effective way as all the tracks possess a considerable pull and the rhythms are never excessively slowed down. In this sense, the death component tends to be superior to the doom component, even if here we cannot speak of a morbid version like that of certain American bands such as Encoffination, for example. Basically, Echoes from Beneath is a truly convincing work that flows through its eight songs with good fluidity, perhaps without leaving an epoch-making mark in the economy of death doom, but nevertheless worthy of being listened to, not only because it comes from a country where extreme doom is represented, albeit very well, by a few select musicians.

2022 – Satanath Records