One thing that has always made me quite nervous, even if it is all in all a venial sin, is discovering bands or at least solo projects capable of producing music of considerable depth without leaving any trace of themselves to be found, either on social networks or in any case in the infinite folds of the web. All this, basically, has repercussions on the possibility denied to really good works, such as this debut by the Ukrainians Suhoviy, of reaching an adequate number of people; Odetothevoid is a relatively short album based on a death doom that is melodic and mournful to the right degree, which loses some intensity from its second half onwards, but it must be said that the first two tracks, Insomnia and Cold and Fear, are an absolutely effective example of this mysterious outfit’s ability to create sounds that are both unsettling and full of pathos. It is a pity that we do not have any news about its creators, although the fact that the only certain fact is that they come from Kiev may not be entirely unrelated to the aura of mystery surrounding this project, given the difficult situation that the people living in the Ukrainian capital live in; on the other hand, for those who follow these sounds, it is not unusual to come across realities that conceal the identity of the musicians and a name such as Ea being one of the best examples in this field. Clearly the level expressed here does not reach the same peaks, but Odetothevoid certainly deserves to be listened to on Bandcamp, representing a good opportunity to get to know Suhoviy and hoping that, in addition to following up this promising first discographic step, there will be the will to at least have a social profile to keep users up to date on their movements, not wanting to considiate as such a Twitter account as meagre and lacking in news.

2022 – Independent