Dauðaró is the name of the funeral doom project activated in the last two years by the Icelandic musician who uses this same nickname, whose real name is Einar Sigurðsson; Myrkraverkfræði is the sixth work published on his bandcamp in the space of a year, but such prolificacy does not seem to water down the density of a rather interesting proposal. These modes are suggestive of a rather instinctive approach that translates into an interpretation of the sub-genre that is more dissonant and suffered than the norm, a trend with oblique trajectories that do not preclude unexpected melodic outlets, along a development that drags on in a painfully lacerating manner, between ambient drone, menacing vocal litanies and organ openings. Myrkraverkfræði is the natural sequel to Eyðimörkin, album released a few months earlier which showed a more organic and less tetragonal side to the previous full lengths, which also consisted of a single track, but of a much shorter duration than the abundant half-hour of the last two works mentioned. Emphasized by the impressive artwork created by the Portuguese musician Nuno Lourenço, this latest work by Dauðaró deserves to be delved, although a certain diction is necessary in doing so, because it stages a form of funeral doom that is not at all predictable and, above all, evokes alienating and not always decodable sensations.

2022 – Independent