Morbid Stench – The Rotting Ways of Doom

With a moniker like Morbid Stench, it is not difficult to guess what musical style is proposed by this Central American trio, even if, in fact, the sound adheres to death doom in its most malevolent form but without taking it to extremes. In fact, The Rotting Ways of Doom is a rather raw work, but not in an excessive manner, as the trio composed of Salvadoran Purulent (Iosif Najarro – drums) and Morbid (Jorge Montesino – guitars, bass) and Costa Rican The Master Butcher (Ronald Jimenez – vocals) does not disdain the inclusion of guitar textures with captivating melodic traits. Morbid Stench move with ease within the confines of the sub-genre, achieving a noteworthy result, all the more appreciable for belonging to a geographical area that until now has been rather marginal in the metal scene in general. The Rotting Ways of Doom, the second full length after Doom & Putrefaction in 2019, proves that when there are good ideas and competence, being born in the icy Nordic lands rather than in tropical zones makes no difference, on the contrary, is the attitude perceptible in each of the six tracks that makes the work a recommended listen without any qualms for fans.

2022 – Independent