Ggu:ll – Ex Est

These Dutchmen with the somewhat curious moniker have been in business for over a decade even though Ex Est is only their second full length, following 2016’s Dwaling. The band is something of a meeting point of musicians from bands such as Transmission, Engine of Doom and Dodecahedron, and the result is a convincing sludge-based sledgehammer that, at times, may recall the work of their more illustrious neighbours Amenra but with a more doom-oriented rather than post-metal disposition; the same use of a deep growl heightens the heaviness of the sound along the seven tracks sung in the mother tongue. In the last period, several bands have tried their hand at these sounds, but I have hardly encountered the sense of fullness and above all the concreteness achieved by the Tilburg quartet; on the other hand, the ability to express suffocating sounds without being monotonous and without losing an underlying melodic idea is not such an obvious gift, and this constitutes a sum of good reasons to trust even some lesser-known realities such as Ggu:ll.

2022 – Consouling Sounds