Arche – Transitions

The release of the EP Undercurrents had been the dazzling appearance of a new Finnish funeral doom project capable of stylistically filling the void left by Colosseum, for the well-known and mournful reasons; Eppe Kuismin made us wait a good eight years before giving a follow-up to that work, but it can safely be said that it was worth it. Indeed, this first Arche full length is a work of dazzling beauty in which the musician from Tampere puts all his inspiration and knowledge of the subgenre (Kuismin was a member of Profetus, with whom he recorded the first two full lengths Coronation of the Black Sun and . …to Open the Passages in Dusk, as well as having contributed to their other works in the recording phase); Transitions consists of three tracks, of which the two leading tracks, both lasting a quarter of an hour, are interspersed with the shorter, marvellous acoustic title track. Reverential Silence opens the album, immediately cloaking it with a melancholic aura, well delineated by a melodic and atmospheric impact, enveloping like a sort of tenuous but indestructible cocoon made of a dark sense of abandonment, while In A Solace Light closes it by presenting itself as a more impactful and full-bodied episode, a sort of trait d’union between Mournful Congregation and Colosseum, taking the gloom of the sound to its extreme consequences, without sacrificing the sorrowful melodic lines that are enhanced in a poignant finale, led once again by the acoustic guitar. Transitions stands as a candidate as one of the best funeral doom albums of 2022, which is no mean feat given the quantity and quality of the offerings in recent times, even by top names in the subgenre. 

2022 – Transcending Obscurity Records