Wine From Tears – I’m Fine

Wine From Tears were among the first bands in Russia to devote themselves to melodic death doom even though, despite their birth some twenty years ago, the first full length Through the Eyes of a Mad was released in 2009 followed by the next Glad to Be Dead in 2013; after a long silence, the band from Samara returns today with an album entitled I’m Fine, which was actually ready in 2018 but for various reasons was never released. In the meantime we know very well what happened, between the pandemic and the Russian/Ukrainian conflict that led Solitude Productions, the label in charge of releasing the work, to put its activity on standby but, despite this, the work is released on the Bad Mood Man sub-label; as already demonstrated in the previous full lengths Wine From Tears are able to offer a death doom of remarkable quality, basically not too harsh and based on tracks with a good melodic impact and clearly also with a good usability. Having said that, one should not think that this is a light work, perhaps even being misled by a title that is largely contradicted by the cover,even if, compared to other releases, it could probably seem to lack a little depth; in reality, being able to offer ten or so well-crafted songs for over an hour is not something to be taken for granted, and the band led by Alexey Nesterov confirms itself as a certainty in the Russian death doom scene, which continues to offer works of a certain depth. It is to be hoped that Wine From Tears will not be penalised by the current situation that leads many people to view everything coming from that lands with suspicion, even when it comes to a mere artistic expression. 

2022 – Bad Mood Man