Shades of Deep Water / C – Stonetomb

Juho Huuskola is a Finnish musician who has come to prominence over the past decade mainly with his solo project Shades of Deep Water, with which he has proposed two full lengths and several releases of reduced lengths under the banner of a sorrowful and melodic death doom, without neglecting the remarkable evidence offered with another incarnation of his not dissimilar characteristics as the more recent In Depths of Winter; the split album Stonetomb, which is discussed on this occasion, is in fact entirely of his own composition in that, in addition to offering four previously unreleased tracks by Shades of Deep Water, the long track recorded under the moniker C, which occupies the entire Vedestä Valkoiseen album released in last January, is included at the end. The first part of the split does not disappoint expectations, thanks to a poker of effective and quite concise songs, more death doom oriented than funeral than in the past, with which the material is handled with mastery, letting the listener be welcomed by a sound characterised by a perfect mix of melodies and melancholy for over twenty minutes, strengthened by a rocky riffing and Juho’s effective growl. As far as the part dedicated to C is concerned, since it is, as said, a work that has already been published and commented on favourably by me on the blog, I can only repeat myself regarding the goodness of this twenty-five minutes of music under the banner of a highly enjoyable and satisfying ambient from the first to the last minute. Stonetomb is therefore the ideal way to make the acquaintance of this fine musician, at least for those who had not yet crossed his musical paths.

2022 – Independent