Worm – Bluenothing

Worm is the name of a death doom project that has been active for a few years and is led by the Floridian musician Phantomslaughter, author of three good full-lengths published between 2017 and 2021, with sounds between death black and doom; in this new ep entitled Bluenothing, the leader avail themselves of a new companion in the person of guitarist Wroth Septentrion, a nickname that conceals the identity of the Canadian Philip Tougas, mind of Atramentus, one of the most recent revelations in the funeral doom sphere. The ep recovers some tracks left out of the previous full length Foreverglade, in particular the first two, the title track and Centuries of Ooze II, in which a death doom is developed grim but softened by the guitar work of Tougas, who is also the protagonist of the short instrumental Invoking the Dragonmoon, while the final track Shadowside Kingdom pays homage to the black metal soul, this time with Nihilistic Manifesto as the protagonist on the six-string, bringing everything to a sound not so far from the first Arcturus. Worm is a name that has moved somewhat quietly in recent years, but the foundations laid are suggestive of constant progress, capable of giving due prominence to the work of the talented American musician.

2022 – 20 Buck Spin