S.I.D. belong to the crowded group of bands whose lyrics are inspired by war but, fortunately, differ from those who are fatally fascinated by it, preferring instead to recount its horrors and denounce its responsibilities. After their 2019 debut with the full length Architects of Armageddon, the trio made up of Francesco Torresi (vocals, guitar and keyboards), Pikkio Carnevali (drums) and Alessandro “Ikea” Funari (guitar, samples) is back with a concise but stinging Ep entitled City of Chemistry where is addressed the theme of the use of chemical weapons during conflicts is addressed. Such dark contents can only be accompanied by equally sullen and suffocating music, and there is nothing better than sludge death doom to make such feelings tangible; Torresi’s growl rises above rumbling and oppressive sounds but not entirely without a melodic substratum, as can be heard in the mournful closing track The Spill. City of Chemistry is a work of considerable depth that has nothing to envy to what has already been done by bands of greater notoriety or supported by a substantial publicity battge, hence the advice to make the mistake of ignoring the work of this remarkable Italian musical reality.

2022 – Gruesome Records