Urnscent is an Iranian trio led by Harpag Karnik, a musician personally involved in several other projects that merged into the collective called Ardawahist. To date, the band had made its mark with two EPs released in 2018, later encompassed in the compilation The Scent Of Urns, followed after two years by the full-length Of Simurgh And Ascent. If at those junctures the funeral doom on offer was valid but provided few outlets for its oppressive gait, in this new EP titled The Eldritch Mist, with a rather problematic gestation, Urnscent‘s sound acquires further depth and solemnity, revealing the hoped-for progress compared to the still embryonic and perfectible offerings of the recent past. These twenty minutes show a clear and well-defined compositional idea, and the result is a funeral that is absolutely appreciable, regardless of considerations deriving from the band’s country of origin, which on its bandcamp announces the departure of guitarist Black One, identifying the event as the end of the first phase of an already interesting path but harbinger of stimulating developments.

2022 – Independent