After last year’s good debut with On Earth and Heaven, Ember Sun, initially a solo project of the Greek Lorthar, took on the form of duo with the arrival of drummer and keyboardist Alpha at the leader’s side; perhaps it is just a coincidence, the fact remains that the new full length Eleusis appears more multifaceted and multidirectional than the previous work. In fact, fundamentally, the two tracks completely ascribable to funeral doom are the first (the title track) and the last (Farewell), magnificent examples of how funeral should be proposed in its most atmospheric and emotional form, recalling for quality and substantial guidelines Comatose Vigil in the A.K. version, especially in the final episode. Everything in between, that is to say five other rather full-bodied tracks, shows an oppressive death doom (Goddess of Deceit), industrial nuances (The Nameless City), gothic impulses (Through the Ages, The Elk and Rule the Offender, the latter with a remarkable female voice) and ambient (Un dernier adieu à l’éternité). All of this, however, occurs without ever betraying the dark and introspective spirit of a work that is as satisfying as it is not so immediately assimilated, not least because of its almost seventy-minute duration, in which even the good skills demonstrated by Lorthar in clean singing often cause a marked deviation from the initial models, giving the whole a certain personality. In essence, Eleusis fully develops with great care and fluency all the potential that had already been highlighted in On Earth and Heaven, but not yet in such a complete and defined way; with this second full length, Ember Sun propose themselves as a reality of great depth, destined in the future to play a role that is anything but marginal in the subgenre.

2022 – Independent