About eight months after the previous full length, Mysterium II is released, the second part of the trilogy that should close next spring with the third chapter offered by the rediscovered Celestial Seson. The historic Nijmegen band courageously reintroduces itself with a work that might appear anachronistic to many, being totally immersed in those nineties sounds that these Dutchmen contributed to develop, albeit in a manner not comparable to what the English triad did. It is precisely this adherence without trickery or deception to those death doom stylistic elements that is the real strength of these musicians who, instead of contaminating themselves with more modern sounds, prefer today to delve into the themes and style that best suit them, offering a delicious work for fans of the subgenre. Melancholic atmospheres, the profuse use of string instruments and an approach that eschews facile solutions are all to be expected from Mysterium II, a work that once again confirms that, at least in the underground sphere, reunions bring results of great depth, as there is no commercial drive behind them. The gem In April Darkness stands out within a tracklist that repeatedly touches the funeral doom shores, thanks to a sound that appears much darker than the recent Mysterium I, and it will be very interesting to see in which direction Celestial Season will go to close this trilogy that has deservedly brought back to the forefront a reality that for years had remained in the memory with the status of cult thanks to the dazzling Solar Lovers, dating back to 1995.

2022 – Burning World Records