The Call to Silence is a split album involving three bands with a rather different style, although they share a rather dark aura. The first to appear are Abigorum, a duo led by Russian Aleksey Korolyov, also known for being the owner of Satanath Records, who for some years has been joined in this musical project by German Tino Thiele: the two tracks on offer are based on a black metal with good atmospheres and engaging at every juncture. The central part of the split is instead occupied by three tracks by the Bolivian Lachrima Corphus Dissolvens, a band dedicated to a death doom full of good cues even if still to be refined in several parts, especially with regard to the more extreme approach that proves to be not up to the mark in the more melancholic and slowed down passages, where a painful and non-trivial melodic nature emerges. In closing, another three long tracks are the prerogative of the Ukrainian one-man band (from Donetsk) Until My Funerals Began, a well-known name within the funeral doom scene, having been active for some fifteen years and already having several albums under their belt; from a musical point of view, the sound offered by Rumit seems to have reached a clarity of purpose and maturity thanks to instrumental episodes with rather evocative and atmospheric traits, an excellent viaticum for a future with good prospects, at least from a purely artistic point of view, leaving aside current events. On the whole, the split album offers an interesting insight into three realities that are not yet claimed but are linked by stimulating signs of growth.

2022 – Herrecords / Satan’s Grind Productions