After Light Field Reverie, Mike Lamb and Heike Langhans give life to Remina, another project that always bears the doom trademark prominently but in a more suffused guise and with a cosmic aura. All this results in a somewhat rarefied and elegant sound in which the voice of the former South African vocalist of Draconian rises on a sound carpet constructed by the talented musician from New Zealand (now living in Germany), in whose recent past there have been very good bands such as Sojouner and Lysithea. Strata is an impeccable album that unfolds over some forty minutes of intense, enveloping music, where the intimate tones are reminiscent of Trees of Eternity or Lethian Dreams, but with a more distinct melodic character. The seven songs, starting with the splendid Aeon Rains, are as many gems to be listened to by projecting one’s unconscious towards the cosmic immensities and leaving behind the troubles and travails of earthly life; moreover, and this is an announcement just in these days, everything created by Remina will also be possible to enjoy live, thanks to the contribution of three Italian musicians: Mauro Ragnoli, guitarist of (Echo), Giovanni Feroldi, bassist of Ghostheart Nebula, and Riccardo Floridia, drummer of Sojourner.

2022 – Avantgarde Music