Funeral Doom Terror – Apotheosis of Torture

For some time now, an eerie musical entity called Funeral Noise Terror has been lurking in Argentina, dedicated to a rather obscure form of extreme doom intertwined with industrial, drone and ambient impulses. From a rib of this duo formed by the mysterious Confetior Atratus and A.N.XIIIU.X come Funeral Doom Terror, whose name already hints at a more defined sound direction. The funeral doom from Cordoba guys is convincing and does not even suffer too much from the experimental background of its authors, proving to be certainly menacing and not very prone to melody, but at the same time sufficiently linear, net of inevitable but appropriate and sporadic ambient drone digressions. Apotheosis of Torture is presented as an ep, but in fact stretches for forty minutes along three tracks, the first of which, Dios Plaga, is the one with the most canonical progression, the next, Ocaso del Ser, presents the most variations and oblique propensities, while the third and last Todos Arden shows the most apocalyptic and menacing features, revealing itself to be an episode of great depth. The lyrics in the native language do not portend a rosy present or future for mankind and, all things considered, there is nothing to object to in this regard. Possible good feedback could push the duo further down this more mournful but perhaps more intriguing road. 

2022 – Independent