It should never be underestimated how important it is to know a style of music in order to reproduce it in the most appropriate way, and this debut EP by Structure is a classic example. Bram Bijlhout was a member of the most important Dutch death doom band, Officium Triste, and was a guitarist on the split album Immersed and the full length Mors Viri, as well as a live musician in The 11th Hour; with such references, it was unlikely that Bram would not be up to the task when it came to his solo project, and such are the results. The work offers half an hour of death doom played and composed with all the rules, well-balanced in its components and endowed with a pleasant depth; it is not a work capable of overturning the hierarchies of the sub-genre, but it is undoubtedly one more arrow to insert in the quiver of those who are looking for new and stimulating realities in this musical sphere. With a robust growl, a nice guitar touch and effective but not cloying melodies, Structure have all the credentials to become a household name in the near future. 

2022 – Brutal Insanity Records / Ardua Music