Mist (Emiliano Santoro), after duly reviving his death doom project Dead Summer Society, continues his musical journey with this other creature of his called Erensyrah. In this case, giving continuity to Odes to the Ghost released last spring, the Italian musician exhibits a more melodic and atmospheric nature, offering a dreamy and convincing black metal with strong post-metal overtones. With a scream slightly in background compared to the instruments, Her ghost is a skygazer is guided by a fine keyboard and guitar work that enhances a compositional vis capable of lulling rather than shaking the listener, and the voice is after all the only element that can be traced back to extreme metal, as the six tracks that unfold for just over half an hour have a strong melodic imprint that at some junctures crosses over into a pleasant ambient with electronic impulses. The work, published in tape edition by Realm and Ritual and in cd edition by Adirondack Black Mass, both US-based labels, deserves to be listened to precisely for its smooth and pleasant progression without ever risking appearing cloying, thanks to the compositional taste once again demonstrated by the good Mist.

2022 – Realm and Ritual / Adirondack Black Mass