Te Deum are probably one of the oldest bands in the Ukrainian death doom scene, but their popularity has certainly not been helped by the fact that they have been silent for some twenty years after releasing two full lengths in 1999 and 2002. Andriі Zinchenko (guitars), Оleksandr Нryhoruk (guitars), Yuriy Karlenko (drums) and Kostiantyn Bezverhyi (vocals), with contributions from newcomers Andriy Vereschahyn (bass, vocals) and Andrii Solohub (keyboards), at the end of last decade, they put their hands back on their old project, and Reflexia proves to be the prized fruit, and all the more appreciated considering the difficulties in which those living in Kiev evidently find themselves these days. Apart from these inevitable reflections, the album is a convincing re-proposition of death doom with symphonic and atmospheric overtones that, if we want to draw parallels with other bands that have come to the fore in recent times, is reminiscent of the approach of Israel’s Tomorrow’s Rain. All the tracks have a rather rhythmic and driving rhythm which makes the work quite smooth, although the lyrics are introspective and dramatic, appearing to be the children of the situation that the band is currently experiencing. Even the decision to opt for the use of English, compared to the past, proves to be the right one, contributing to the amalgamation of a sound that, while not containing anything innovative, is convincing and captivating right from the opening three tracks Clone, World of Illusions and City on Fire, with which Te Deum immediately unveil their best cards, without ever descending excessively in intensity in the continuation of a work in which the massive use of keyboards often shifts the coordinates towards melodic death at the expense of the doom component. A band and a full length to discover and appreciate for those who feed on these sounds.

2022 – Independent